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For heads of learning seeking opportunities to share and learn from their peers.

Peer Support & Mentorship for Learning Professionals

In Learning and Development groups, as in most corporate business units, leaders work hard — sometimes for many years — to reach the leadership ranks. Suddenly, the mentors and support networks responsible for helping leaders reach the top of their game might no longer provide the type of advice and counsel so necessary to further success.

Recognizing the need, corporate business leaders from TimelyText and eParamus realize that peer support and mentorship could provide relief along the lonely road of leadership.

Supported by ATD-RTA, they established two Learning Leadership Roundtable groups to assist those leaders, and hopefully, serve some of their common needs.

Now open nationally, the learning roundtables meet virtually once a month. There is no agenda for the meetings as participants discuss topics of their choice, share their experiences, and learn from one another.

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Two Levels of Roundtables

The Learning Leader Roundtable is comprised of individuals who manage a training function. Managers of corporate learning functions are recognized as skilled professionals who run segments of the training function within their corporate entities.

These individuals usually hold responsibility for learning outcomes at the organizational level, and depending on the size of their organization, might supervise direct reports.

The Learning Executive Roundtable is comprised of thought-leaders with the ability to reach and influence others at the highest corporate levels. Learning Executives are often at the apex of their corporate careers. Accordingly, they hold titles such as Director or VP and are usually responsible for the growth, accountability, and P&L for one or more of their company’s learning organizations. They are often integral to talent (employee) development and customer engagement. Their attentions are more focused on planning strategy and broader business concerns as they typically steer the L&D ship.

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Learning Leaders come together to discuss topics that are important to them in their role, sharing best practices, learning from one another, and building a network they can count on.

This group is executed in collaboration with eParamus and advocated by ATD-RTA


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