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TimelyText is North Carolina’s leading provider of instructional designers, technical writers, editors, marketing or corporate communication writers, and communication project managers.


Our business proposition is unique. Offering contract staffing, temp-to-hire, or direct hire support, TimelyText has the strategic and business management capabilities to ensure a level of quality that will delight your customers and your leadership team.

We Live by Our “Two-Customer Philosophy” Upon selection of the right candidate for a client assignment, we provide a unique level of behind-the-scenes, non-billable support for that person.

Our associates can get help directly from TimelyText to meet any tool, technology, or workplace challenge. Clients know that our support for our associates is a formula to succeed.

We are different

TimelyText focuses 100% of its efforts on matching the right communication professional to the right opportunity.

Our Services

The professionals we hire and staff include:


  • Rusty Worden
    RockerDown Studios, LLC Cary, NC
  • Harry Bryant
    Cisco Systems, Research Triangle Park, NC
  • Jerry Gschwind
    Global Knowledge Network, Inc., Cary, NC
  • Stephen Aleksza
    Director, Professional Services, Allscripts, Raleigh, NC

I have to take a moment to give a shout out to the people at TimelyText.

I’ve been fortunate to work with them in many capacities and am ashamed I’ve not done this previously. TimelyText is a staffing company but not your average “people mill”. They actually know the folks they bring to your door. As a lead and manager I worked with them to build a teams capability. As a vendor I’ve provided services to a client of theirs, and, I’ve been on their staff as a consultant to one of their many clients. Every person that came from them was a fantastic skill fit, which puts the exclamation point behind this next sentence. They take the time to get to know their customers and understand their needs – and they also REALLY know business holistically or they’d not be able to hit the mark so regularly. As a vendor to a customer of theirs, they stayed in touch with me weekly to make sure I was taking care of them in a way that was TT-approved. Outside of doing a favor for their client TT received nothing from this. THAT’S customer service. Positively outrageous customer service too. As a consultant, they’ve only brought me leads that were perfect for me. NO TIME WASTED. 5 rock-finger rating.

They helped staff my department with highly qualified technical writers.

I originally worked with TimelyText when I was a Documentation Manager at Nortel Networks. They helped staff my department with highly qualified technical writers. They have an innate ability to handle complex project initiatives for all types of technical writing venues, able to effectively dissect the task at hand, while retaining a keen focus on the underlying requirements. Both Ronnie and Adrian are highly qualified professionals with a broad knowledge base and exceptional analytical skills. They facilitate strong relationships with stakeholders and peers, and are very enjoyable to work with.

The best individuals often aren’t actively seeking employment. That’s where TimelyText comes in.

I have been really pleased with the TimelyText team.

I have been really pleased with the TimelyText team. They have never disappointed. Whether it was been staffing that they have sourced or project based work they have delivered, they have not disappointed. I think one of the strongest testaments to the quality of staff they have sourced for us is the number that have been subsequently offered full time positions.

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