Hire top technical communication talent

TimelyText is your gateway to a network of top-tier communication professionals, providing an unparalleled expertise in technical writing, instructional design, corporate communications, marketing content and project management.

For more than two decades, we’ve provided content, editing, and writing services to clients in need of clear, concise, and effective technical content. Whether you’re navigating documentation, instructional content, or a combination of both, we’ll provide the talent and services to meet your unique needs.

We live by our Two-Customer Philosophy. We provide a unique level of behind-the-scenes, non-billable associate AND customer support.

Our Services

The professionals we hire and staff include:

Why Clients Choose TimelyText

Industry Expertise

Our leaders, Ronnie Duncan and Adrian West, began providing technical writing services to Research Triangle Park’s technology and life sciences companies in the mid-1990s.
Since launching TimelyText in 2003, we’ve consistently broadened our expertise to serve our clients’ content needs, whether that’s been building a network of talented instructional designers and eLearning developers or diving into artificial intelligence tools and large language models.


Trust TimelyText to spend more time talking Articulate, MadCap Flare, and DITA than searching keywords for unknown candidates.


Different by Design

While some firms see placing a consultant as the end of the road, TimelyText views it as the beginning. From consulting with clients on our first call to closing the loop on our associate’s last day, we’ll be there every step of the way, maintaining open communication to ensure customer satisfaction.


The TimelyText Weekly Client Report has been the basis of success for hundreds of projects, including several with clients that have trusted TimelyText to provide technical writing service for more than 15 years.

One-Size Doesn’t fit All

We’ve done this long enough to know that every role, project, and manager have different needs. Whether you’re a global software company in need of a curriculum designer to join your staff or local manufacturer seeking writing help for a six-month push, TimelyText has a solution. We’ve made a point to build a diverse network of consultants with a wide array of skills and experience with particular tools, industries, and scenarios


Our associates are available for contract hourly, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire, and we’re happy to make arrangements via statement of work and purchase order.


Relationships First

Honesty and integrity come first at TimelyText. As a small business in a niche industry, we know that word — good and bad — travels quickly, and there’s no better compliment for our company than the hundreds of clients who have recommended colleagues and friends to work with us over the years.


Plenty of firms offer talented writers; no team is more dedicated to getting to know you both professionally and personally than TimelyText. Your success is our greatest success of all.

Why Associates Choose TimelyText

Trusty Navigators

Finding your next project can be an overwhelming task in itself. Rather putting your career at the mercy of an application portal, working with TimelyText leverages decades of industry expertise and relationships to introduce you to the opportunities you’ve dreamed of. Once we’ve gotten to know your skills and experience along with your personal and professional goals, sit back and allow us to open doors and make those connections for you.


One conversation with TimelyText is more valuable — and enjoyable — than hours spent filling online forms and writing generic cover letters.


We Get You

Not only have we placed hundreds of people in instructional design and technical writing roles, we’ve worked on those projects ourselves! The concept for TimelyText was born when VP Adrian West, a technical writer by training, had a surplus of projects on his plate. Our lead recruiter, Brant Wilkerson-New is an award-winning journalist who continues to write for both professional and personal projects where he creates business, marketing and social media content.


We’re a writing service run by writers; TimelyText speaks your language and understands the challenges technical communicators face in an evolving digital world.

Hub of Opportunities 

When you work with us, you’re immediately plugged into a network that features technical communications professionals at all levels, across a number of industries. In addition to forging meaningful connections with industry peers, those connections often pay off in the form of project and job referrals for our trusted consultants. Chances are, TimelyText will be in touch with you for an opportunity before it hits a job board.


You’ll hear about a lot of opportunities that aren’t a fit. When you share them with TimelyText, you might just help a fellow consultant who can help you land a dream job.


In This Together

From hands-on coaching and guidance through an interview process to officially joining us as an associate, you’re truly a member of the TimelyText team. We call it our “Two-Customer Philosophy” and it means our commitment to your happiness and success is equal to that of our clients. We’ll remain in contact to ensure you’re receiving the support and resources you need, and if necessary, help meet any tool, technology, or workplace challenge


You could collect a paycheck from any technical writing service or instructional design firm; TimelyText is your career partner for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what scenarios can TimelyText associates support my team?

We’ll get you the right associate to support your project, whether it’s an ongoing, full-time contract role or as-needed technical writing help for several months. We don’t require a minimum number of hours, and we only bill for actual hours worked.

What services does TimelyText offer?

TimelyText specializes in providing talent and services for technical writing, instructional design, corporate & marketing communications, and project management of such initiatives. No matter the type of work, we’ve got someone who has seen it and done it.

How does TimelyText ensure the quality of its services?

The majority of TimelyText’s consultants are long-term associates with a track record of success in serving our clients. They’re also our best recruiters, as they’re able to introduce us to their most talented colleagues. In addition to strong referrals, we also actively network and recruit daily to ensure we’re working with the best in the business. Since we’ve employed over 400 technical writers and instructional designers, we’re often able to get an honest assessment of a potential associate beyond the references and details they provide during our vetting process.

Once a project is underway, our regular communication and weekly reporting process ensure that our work is meeting your expectations along the way.

What sets TimelyText apart from other companies in the industry?

The foundation of our success comes down to working with incredibly talented people — both associates and clients. With that guiding principle in mind, we aim for long-term relationships over transactions, and invest in helping our associates reach their personal and professional goals while ensuring our clients are achieving their business and project goals. As a small business with a niche focus, treating people with respect and operating with integrity is the center of everything we do.

What industries does TimelyText serve?

TimelyText has partnered with clients across a wide array of industries, including pharmaceuticals, technology (software/hardware), manufacturing, life science, healthcare, finance, insurance, and more. We employ associates with a wide variety of industry-specific experience that will help you meet your goals, whether they’re employee training, documentation or regulatory compliance.

Can TimelyText handle large-scale projects?

TimelyText has experience handling projects of various sizes and complexities, and we can build a team to accommodate every situation. In addition to diverse skills and industry-specific experiences, our associates include project managers and director-level leaders in addition to individual contributors.

How does TimelyText handle confidentiality and proprietary information?

TimelyText takes client confidentiality seriously and non-disclosure is covered by our standard employee agreement. In addition, we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure the security of client data.

What is the typical turnaround time for projects with TimelyText?

The turnaround time varies based on the scope and complexity of each project, but TimelyText is ready to provide the help you need at a moment’s notice. Specific timelines are discussed and agreed upon during the project planning phase, but we are capable of having an associate start working on your project in a matter of days.

How does TimelyText collaborate with clients?

From the first conversation, we hope to build a collaborative relationship by understanding your goals and project requirements along with the nuances of your company, team and preferences. Regular updates, feedback and the TimelyText Weekly Client Report ensure that our associates are producing high-quality deliverables that align with your vision.

Can TimelyText assist with creating multimedia content, such as videos or interactive e-learning modules?

Yes, TimelyText has experience in creating multimedia content. We can assist in developing engaging and interactive materials, including videos, eLearning modules, and other multimedia formats, to enhance the learning and communication experience.

What types of documentation does TimelyText specialize in?

TimelyText is versatile and can handle a wide range of documentation types, including user manuals, technical guides, standard operating procedures, training materials, marketing collateral, and more. We tailor our writing service to meet the specific documentation needs of each client.

What makes your writing service different?

In addition to employing high-quality, expert writers, we focus on working with high-quality people right here in our community. We’ve watched some of our favorite associates go from entry-level writers to completing their first case studies, all the way to leadership positions where they manage documentation for large corporations. There’s no better feeling than watching a TimelyTexter reach their personal and professional goals!

Our Featured Clients

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