Contract-based, project-based, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire content resources staffed to fit your company’s needs.

Technical Writers & Editors

TimelyText’s technical writers can create documentation, and will work with your team to research and write about specialized topics. They have experience in a wide range of publishing tools, architectures, markup languages, and techniques—from MS Word and Madcap Flare, to FrameMaker, DITA, and XML (including editors such as Oxygen and XMetal). They also work with tools for integrating and manipulating graphics, screen captures, versioning, authoring, templates, and many other publishing techniques. Our editors are experts in a variety of industries, programs, writing styles, stylebooks, and standards.

  • Software & hardware
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Electric power
  • Biotech
  • Financial services
  • Pharmaceutical & Clinical Trials
  • Telecomm, Datacomm, Routing & Storage

TimelyText can provide technical writers with experience in virtually any publishing tool, architecture, or markup language, from MS Word and Madcap Flare, to FrameMaker, DITA, and XML (including editors such as Oxygen and XMetal). We are also adept with tools for integrating and manipulating graphics, screen captures, versioning, help authoring, templates, and the uses of many other common publishing techniques.

Employee image
Employee image

Instructional Designers

TimelyText’s instructional designers are experienced in traditional and eLearning course design and development—whether virtual, instructor-led, or blended. Many have advanced degrees and are experts in the latest tools for rapid courseware development (such as Captivate and Articulate Storyline). They also excel in working with popular learning management systems (LMSs) and learning content management systems (LCMSs), and are familiar with a variety of methodologies and standards, including:

  • ADDIE and SAM
  • Agile
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model

Marketing Content Writers & Copywriters

TimelyText’s marketing writers are experts at crafting product and service copy, reinforcing your messaging, supporting the sales cycle, assuring consistency of your branding, and generating client awareness. They understand your industry and have the skills to meet your project needs. Their specializations include:

  • Web content
  • Ad copy
  • Customer testimonials and case studies
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Video scripts
  • Articles, press releases, and other marketing materials
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Employee image

Corporate Communicators

  • Change management communications
  • Corporate and organizational identity
  • Email campaigns
  • Media training
  • Internal/employee communications
  • Issues management
  • Corporate branding
  • Enterprise program rollouts
  • Reputation and responsibility messaging
  • Crisis communications
  • Investor relations

Project Managers

TimelyText’s project managers oversee a variety of communication, documentation, and training projects—with attention to assessing and confirming the needs of your business units. Our PMs are committed to building realistic schedules, managing stakeholder expectations, and meeting budget targets. We can fill project management jobs requiring PMP and similar certifications with PMs who are experienced in working in regulated industries with exacting processes and complex requirements, Furthermore, they are experts in overseeing critical project issues involving:

  • Quality and risk
  • Scope, time, and cost
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Procurement
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