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TimelyText is focused on providing instructional designers, technical writers, marketing content writers, corporate communicators, and project managers, on a contract basis, to clients in the Raleigh/Durham area. Since 2003, we’ve supported a variety of industries including IT, healthcare, software, electric power, clinical trials, banking, and other technology-centric verticals. TimelyText has also created tight strategic partnerships with leaders in simulation learning/gamification and machine learning.

We treat both our clients and associates as customers. This “two-customer philosophy” drives everything we do. Following any assignment of an associate to a client’s projects, we provide a unique, ongoing level of behind-the-scenes, non-billable support. Our associates know they can get help directly from TimelyText for any tool, technology, or workplace need. And our clients know they are getting a well-supported, carefully vetted professional to meet their needs.

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