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Between technology advancements, work/life balance initiatives, and constant need for companies to become more agile, the list of categories that companies need to stay ahead of in the new year is nearly endless. With the demands of younger generations of workers moving toward a “fewer rules, more rewards” mentality, the workplace is being forced to adapt or risk losing valuable members of the team.

A recent article from Inc. (originally appearing on Fiscal Times), “10 Ways Your Office Will Change in 2016,” discusses workplace changes expected in 2016. The article highlights that workers are looking for “benefits and perks” from their company, and will look for another job if they are not satisfied.

The article covers the top trends they see shaping the 2016 workplace. We found a number of these trends interesting and exciting, but we are focusing on one in particular – 1/3 of American workers freelanced in 2015, with 60 percent doing so by choice. This is a huge success rate for the contract work industry and something you might consider if you are a communication professional. As a recentFast Company article states, the freelance market can indicate the “growing needs of traditional businesses,” since freelancers typically stay on top of what skills are in demand. At TimelyText, we hope to share information with our employees and consultants through our blog posts and email updates that will help inform their education and training decisions.

According to Fast Company, employers are looking to hire quickly, and they seek specialized consultants to help them with their fast turnaround projects. One online consulting site has seen a 22% growth in the number of businesses hiring independent consultants in the last year.

The Inc. article says the gig economy will see additional growth in 2016.  If you haven’t considered freelancing in the past, now may be the time to try it.  TimelyText had its best year ever in 2015 and we have successfully employed several hundred instructional designers, technical and marketing writers, and editors as contractors, and will continue to grow in 2016.

See our recent blog post about selling your skills, which shares some insights about freelancing and creating a portfolio, as well as making LinkedIn work for you. TimelyText focuses 100% of its efforts on matching the right communication professional to the right job, and we would love to help you be part of the gig economy in 2016.

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