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By Brant Wilkerson-New

July 2, 2024

A technical writer can help you keep your customers happy and maintain your business reputation. How? By writing assembly or installation manuals and translating technical material into something that the average customer can understand.

Technical writers can write clearly and concisely about even the most complicated technical process and transform it into a text that everyone will understand. Your business acquires value from that in several ways: you have satisfied customers, fewer queries at your customer service department, and buyers who choose your product instead of your competitors because your software documentation manuals make their lives easier.

So, never dismiss the benefits of hiring a proficient technical writer! After all, have you ever tried to assemble furniture without the manual? If so, would you do it again? 

Likewise, have you ever installed complex software backed by a poorly written, confusing installation manual? How frustrating was the experience? Would you continue buying from a company whose products are not supported by the right types of writing manuals?

Why Hire a Technical Writer?

Nowadays, most products and services can be quite complicated. Our world is highly technical but not all people have followed this fast pace. Whether your business operates in software development, engineering, healthcare, standard operating procedures, or any other technical field, subject matter experts can add immense value. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that your business can’t survive without a technical writer.

Clear and precise documentation

Technical writers will transform complex information and technical writing services into easily understandable content. They know how to break down technical jargon and explain it in a marketing-friendly way that is accessible to a non-expert audience. Users can then use products and services efficiently, effectively, and frustration-free.

Quality documentation

The right technical writer produces polished and professional documentation that reflects well on your company. High-quality manuals, user guides, and help files boost user experience and improve your brand’s credibility and reliability.

Professional documentation can set you apart from competitors and be the decisive factor in a customer’s choice between your business and a competitor.

User experience

Are you looking for rave reviews and positive user experiences? Then you need a technical writer to communicate your technical documentation. Users greatly appreciate when they can easily find and understand the instructions they need. They will stay loyal to your brand and products, spreading the word to friends and colleagues. 

User experience has become immensely important for businesses and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Technical writers may create intuitive and user-friendly documentation that keeps customers happy.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Many technical writers streamline the documentation process. They free up engineers, developers, and other specialists to focus on their core responsibilities.

When you hire a technical writer, you are delegating the creation of manuals, guides, and other documents to a professional writer. Your team members can then work more efficiently and productively. This saves time and resources and improves the overall quality of both your product or service and its supporting materials.

Consistency and standardization

When you hire a technical writer, you bring consistency to your documentation. Technical writers keep to a specific writing style: all materials follow a uniform structure and tone. Standardization makes everything clear and all business documentation is coherent.

Improved compliance and risk management

In regulated industries, precise documentation is important because your business must comply with legal and industry standards. Technical writers can create documents and papers that meet these requirements and help your business avoid legal pitfalls. All necessary information is accurately recorded and easily accessible.

Scalability and adaptability

As your business grows, your documentation needs will evolve. Isn’t it nice to know that you can keep up with documents and papers in a streamlined way?

Technical writers can create scalable documentation frameworks that can be easily updated and expanded as your products and services change. Thanks to this adaptability, you can increase the products or services your company supplies quickly and efficiently.

Cost Savings

Are you worried about the cost of hiring a technical writer? Then think of the long-term savings you are making. Consider how much you will be saving on customer support and training. Users will find answers to their questions independently. Well-documented products, alongside increased operational efficiency, can more than offset the cost of hiring a technical writer.

Who Needs a Technical Writer?

You may be surprised by the number of companies and the type of businesses that need to hire a technical writer to streamline their documentation. Most people think of IT companies and the finance industry — and it’s true that these sectors are typically associated with technical writing. However, businesses in many other industries should hire a freelance technical writer for their documents, white papers, manuals, and guides.

For example, consider the following. 

Technology and software development companies

Software companies develop products that require clear and detailed documentation. This includes user manuals, API documentation, online help systems, and troubleshooting guides. Technical writers can translate complex technical information into user-friendly content so that both end-users and developers can use the software. 

Manufacturing and engineering firms

Businesses that make things, from dishwashers to televisions and any type of machinery and consumer electronics, must have a technical writer for their installation guides, technical content manuals, and safety instruction manuals. Technical writers will write accurate and clear documents with easy-to-follow steps to help users operate them safely and efficiently, from start to finish. 

Healthcare and medical device companies

Healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers need precise documentation to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety. This includes user manuals for medical devices, training materials for healthcare professionals, patient information leaflets, and more. Technical writers in this field need specialized writing skills to create content that meets strict regulatory standards while being accessible to non-experts.

Telecommunications companies

Telecommunications include mobile phones, network infrastructure, and anything in between. Technical writers create user guides, service manuals, and technical specifications to help their target audience set up and troubleshoot their devices and services.

Aerospace and defense industries

The aerospace and defense sectors produce highly complex and technical products that require detailed content writing documentation. This includes operation manuals, maintenance guides, technical reports, and safety procedures. While these might not be for the general public, staff, and employees must have all the necessary details available to meet regulatory and safety standards.

Financial services and Fintech companies

Financial institutions and Fintech companies often develop sophisticated software for banking, investing, and financial management. These companies need technical writers to create clear and concise user guides, compliance documentation, and internal training materials.

Energy and utilities companies

Energy companies, including those in the oil, gas, and renewable energy sectors, operate complex equipment and systems. Technical writers produce technical manuals, safety guides, and regulatory documentation to help these systems operate safely and efficiently. They need clear documentation that meets the industry’s strict compliance requirements.

Educational institutions and e-Learning providers

Educational institutions, schools, and universities as well as companies that offer e-learning solutions often need to create instructional content, case studies, training manuals, and online course materials. With such documentation, the staff can better perform their duties and students can understand how the institution works.

Consumer electronics 

Companies that produce consumer electronics, such as smartphones, laptops, and home appliances, need user manuals, quick start guides, and troubleshooting instructions. Technical writers create installation manuals to communicate complex guidance into easy-to-follow steps and help consumers set up and use their devices without frustration. Even the most tech-savvy people may need to go through the user manual of a mobile device to check about specific functions and automation!

Automotive industry

The automotive industry requires detailed documentation for vehicle operation, maintenance, and repair. This includes owner’s manuals, service manuals, and technical bulletins. Remember the last time you rented a car and went through the owner’s manual to check how to turn on the lights or the windshield wipers? We have all been through them and they come in handy.

Technical writers in the automotive sector write these documents to be accurate and user-friendly to support both vehicle owners and professional technicians.

Your Business Needs to Hire a Technical Writer

Even the most straightforward business will need to hire technical writers at some point to streamline its processes and documentation. It doesn’t even have to be a permanent hire, as you can find the perfect person for the job here at Timely Texts. 

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with freelance technical writers who can write what you need. Let us help you write the manuals, guides, and documentation to help your staff do their job better and your customers shop from you in absolute confidence.

So, if you want your business to stay focused on its core interest and keep customers happy, trust a professional technical writer’s skills and essential knowledge and make sure your business is up-to-date and serves its customers well.

Contact us today to find out for yourself why TimelyText is a trusted professional writing service and instructional design consulting partner for Fortune 500 companies worldwide!


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