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Periodically we like to check-in with current and former TimelyText contract employees for a brief chat to discuss their experiences working with TimelyText. In this chat, we feature Kelly Phillips.

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Kelly Phillips

Why did you begin contracting with TimelyText?

I met Ronnie Duncan years ago when I was looking for a contract Technical Writer. I had no idea at the time I would end up becoming a TimelyText contractor! The “Two-Customer Philosophy” was what differentiated TimelyText from the other companies I interviewed. As a training professional and a hiring manager, I appreciated that TimelyText was concerned about the experience of both their employee/contractor and their client.

When you start a new assignment, what is the onboarding experience like?

I’ve done quite a few assignments now and each time a TimelyText representative has met me on-site to introduce me to the client and go over the weekly reporting, timecard and follow-up process to ensure customer satisfaction. I appreciate this because it assures me the client and I are on the same page. We both understand what needs to happen to make sure the project is successful, my time is tracked and billing and payroll work correctly. They also bring me fun swag like pens and insulated cups. And what trainer doesn’t like swag?

How would you describe the types of assignments you’ve received from TimelyText?

While each of my assignments has been very different, they’ve all been great experiences. I’ve done long-term assignments where I worked for a client full-time on an ongoing basis for months at a time. I’ve also done short-term assignments where I worked on a project for a few weeks. The short-term projects are my favorite. I enjoy making contacts at companies in different industries and learning the differences in the internal processes. It has also allowed me to gain experience with many of the major Learning Management Systems, which is a great resume builder.

Why do you continue contracting with TimelyText?

I often prioritize contracts offered by TimelyText over other work because they are experts at matching my skills, interests, and working style with clients. I know that I’m set up for success because this TimelyText isn’t just placing random candidates they find on the Internet with random job openings. They think of me as a part of their family.

How does contracting compare to working a full-time job?

I spent 20 years working regular, full-time corporate jobs. I made the switch to contracting because I wanted more control over my work and flexibility with my time. I make as much contracting as I did working full-time, but I don’t work as many months out of the year. I’m fortunate that I don’t need health benefits, because my husband’s plan covers me. The most difficult part of contracting is managing my finances when my income is not predictable. TimelyText doesn’t always have an active contract for me. I’ve created other income streams such as teaching continuing education classes and selling products on Amazon to help stabilize my income. In fact, I teach a continuing education class at Johnston Community College on how to do it.

What do you like the most about contracting?

That’s a difficult question to answer because I like just about everything about contracting! I like having a variety of work and getting to work with multiple companies. It allows me to create a broad network of contacts, many who have become friends.

What advice do you have for someone considering a move to contract work?

Treat each client as if they are a client for your own business. As a contractor, you are an experienced professional brought in to accomplish a goal for that business. You are not a temporary worker, you are a professional consultant.

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