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Periodically we like to check-in with current and former TimelyText contract employees for a brief chat to discuss their experiences working with TimelyText. In this chat, we feature Tom Lyndes.

Tom Lyndes

When did you begin contracting with TimelyText?

About 15 years ago. I have worked for TimelyText off and on since then.

When you start a new assignment, what is the onboarding experience like?

Ronnie or Adrian meet with you and the new employer. They discuss expectations. It is cordial and low-stress.

How would you describe the types of assignments you’ve received from TimelyText?

Mostly interesting work with medium-sized companies who have managed to acquire employees who are at the top of their game. Mostly kind and civil work environments. I have been required to create all types of content, from user manuals to marketing assets.

Why do you continue contracting with TimelyText?

This is an ethical, professional company that manages to find me great assignments.

How does contracting compare to working a full-time job?

Since contracting is mostly a string of short-term assignments, I have to budget accordingly and have a cushion to fall back on for expenses between jobs. The time off between jobs can be fun. You can spend 8 hours a day tied to a desk looking for your next gig, or you can go out and have some fun and let TimelyText find you your next gig, which won’t take long, usually, in my experience.

What do you like the most about contracting?

The variety of work, and the people whom I have met on my various jobs.

What advice do you have for someone considering a move to contract work?

Find a reputable local company like TimelyText who knows the area and has established relationships with employers. There are a lot of recruiters out there who are not local who claim to have close relationships with local employers, but really don’t and will waste your time. In my experience, I would also not bother with state of NC jobs. They are cattle calls and don’t pay very well for what they expect you to do.

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