The Difference


We’re Part of the RTP Fabric

With more than 20 years in the industry, TimelyText enjoys long-term relationships with many of the Triangle’s most esteemed companies. We know our market and work hard to understand our clients’ goals and expectations. In addition, TimelyText’s deep roots in the community of communication professionals provides us with unmatched ability to gather more subjective details about the attitudes, skills, and cultural fit of any candidate we consider.

We’re Pinpoint Focused

When looking for needles in haystacks, we had better have a good magnet. A large part of our success is attributable to our concentration on a few core competencies. TimelyText’s internal vetting team is constantly looking for top talent, using a proprietary evaluation process. Often, we can recommend a proven professional who either works for us now, or who has worked for us in the past. If not, we usually know others who have worked closely with them, allowing us to vet them thoroughly.

We Live by Our “Two-Customer Philosophy”

Upon selection of the right candidate for a client assignment, we provide a unique level of behind-the-scenes, non-billable support for that person. Our associates can get help directly from TimelyText to meet any tool, technology, or workplace challenge. Clients know that our support for our associates is a formula to succeed.