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Six Reasons a Specialty Staffing Agency Can Help You Land That Perfect Job! 

Mergers, buyouts, downsizing, reorgs…Maybe you have a bad boss or are simply unhappy where you are. Companies and agencies often do not reply to your application or seem interested and then suddenly go dark. The process is overwhelming, demoralizing and frustrating. There is another option. Have you ever worked with a staffing agency that specializes in your profession? Why not?!?

Consider some of the reasons you should be using a specialty staffing agency in your job search:

  1. They know and understand your profession. Specialty agencies concentrate their efforts on a few select occupational areas. The best ones are well informed about your profession/skillset. They understand YOU! Here at TimelyText, we specialize in working with Technical Writers and Editors, Instructional Designers, Marketing Content Writers/Copywriters, Corporate Communicators, and Project Managers. That’s ALL we do. So, if those few fields describe your experience, we have placed hundreds of people just like you.
  2. They know where the jobs are. Specialty agencies have established relationships with hiring managers who need the personnel they represent. It is their business and practice to be aware   of most of the opportunities relevant to your skill set, both publicized and unpublicized.
  3. They are building a long-term relationship with you. They’re building a real, long-term relationship with you that may continue for your entire career. It is much more important for them to be responsive to you, so they are! In addition, they consider your skills AND your personal and professional goals. Their goal is to become the go to agency for those occupations. Building an excellent reputation is achieved best for specialty staffing agencies when placement situations result in a true win-win-win.
  4. You become part of the “family”. With a specialty agency, you get “service after the sale”. While you are on assignment, the best specialty agencies (like TimelyText) offer real support on the job to give you the best shot of success. Many times, they have network of resources that can help you in the skill areas that may not be your strong suit. Here at TimelyText we even have staff members who have a background in our specialty areas that are there to help you. You become a part of a family with others that are in similar occupations. We even remember your birthday!
  5. Two customer philosophy. At TimelyText we have a two customer philosophy. One of our customers is the client company who is searching for a candidate to fill a need. The second customer is the you the candidate. We have a dedicated staff member who will continue to work with you as your partner even after you have been placed. We really want you to succeed.
  6. You have options. Finally, using a specialty staffing agency gives you options in how you approach your next job. At TimelyText, you can look for positions that have contract-to-hire options that allows you to try the position before deciding to convert to the company as a regular employee, or you may desire to do shorter-term project work that gives you variety. Whatever the case, you have options.

So, if you are in the job market, don’t overlook contacting a staffing agency that specializes in your profession. Here at TimelyText we know that the secret to finding you the perfect job starts with getting to know you beyond what’s written on your resume. If you are a Instructional Designer, Technical Writer, Content Writer, or specialize in business communications and would like to learn more about TimelyText, we would love to hear from you.

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