Our Philosophy

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Fits You

Whether you’re an employee or client, we want you as our “customer,” and in the end, our Two-Customer Philosophy means you’ll be treated with attention and respect.

Be Our Employee

As an employee, you’ll be a member of the TimelyText family. You’ll be working with a firm that understands your craft and your role as a valued communication professional. You’ll enjoy genuine support that is often missing from contract-based assignments.

TimelyText fosters open communication, trust, and a proactive approach to employment relationships that helps associates feel part of a team, whether you work on-site at a client company or remotely from a home office. Regardless of the form or shape of your contract assignment, TimelyText works as your partner to help you achieve success on the job.

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Be Our Client

Client companies rely on TimelyText because of our focus on — and in-depth knowledge of — the pool of local professionals within our core competencies. Before we offer any talent options, we’ll open dialog to investigate your need beyond what is on a job description.

Then, we only recommend professionals that we trust and who are a good fit personally, professionally, and culturally. When our associates are successfully doing work that is in alignment with their goals, they’re more productive. Our clients are happier, projects run more smoothly and everybody wins. Because relationships don’t generally run well on autopilot, we check in at appropriate intervals to make sure that you, our client customer, is seeing the progress you want and deserve.

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