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For over thirteen years, TimelyText has worked with some of North Carolina’s most talented writers and editors. The diverse skillsets and expertise of these men and women have earned this company the reputation it has today, and we at TimelyText continue striving to help every employee find their ideal working situation.

In honor of their hard work and years of dedication, we at Timely are profiling several of our longtime candidates on our blog. We want to share their lives and success stories as a way for people to learn a little more about them, and to see how TimelyText has helped them in their careers.

For this entry, we spoke with veteran instructional designer Claudine Caro to discuss her love of learning and excitement towards change.

It’s hard enough for someone to land their perfect career, but for instructional designer Claudine Caro, a relentless pursuit of new knowledge did the trick.

With a passionate curiosity and talent for communication, Claudine has built her career around continuing a longtime love affair with learning.

“What I enjoy about what I do the most is that I’m constantly studying a new thing,” Claudine said. “I consider myself more of a translator. I get into the head of the subject matter experts, and translate what they’re thinking into common speak for the average person.”


Claudine Caro

Claudine said instructional design helped her combine her talents into a powerful skillset, allowing her to become a “jack of all trades” in both her professional and personal life.

“I’m really a lifelong learner,” she said. “Not just in my career. I got my motorcycle license last year, I took violin lessons, I got certified to scuba dive … I love getting back into the role of a novice learner.”

With a varying degree of full time projects and contract work, Claudine said becoming accustomed to change and new information is part of the territory for an instructional designer.

“I think being adaptable is something all instructional designers share,” she said. “Being adaptable and figuring out how to adjust your strategy is really what helps you be successful. I learned about myself that I’ll get bored quickly staying in the same type of environment. Whether a change in topic or client, it’s the change that drives me.”

Claudine’s career spans across the dot com “boom and bust,” when she suddenly found herself looking for work after the web crash of the early 2000s. Although starting out as more of a learning coordinator, Claudine said she quickly found instructional design was more her wheelhouse.

“I was working with a team of instructional designers, and after seeing what they were doing thought, ‘I can do that as well’,” she said. “It allows me to work on problem solving, to be creative, and to really get my hands dirty in the development piece of what I’m working on.”
Claudine first met with the TimelyText team after moving to North Carolina in 2010. Working together, Claudine was able to land a full time placement at Duke.
“Where (TimelyText) was truly my advocate was negotiating for salary. I felt I was really taken care of and that they were on my side,” she said. “Timely took the time to understand what I was looking for, what made me happy, and what it was that I could do well.”

Currently working as a contractor on a project with the option for conversion to regular staff employment, Claudine said working with TimelyText made her feel comfortable choosing to remain a contractor.

“The attention to detail they put into making sure my needs are met always makes me want to work with TimelyText,” she said. “They crossed the line from professional colleagues to personal colleagues, but I can’t speak highly enough of them as a company. I always recommend TimelyText to anyone in my industry who’s looking for a new employment opportunity.”


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  • Ronnie Duncan
    Posted at 14:57h, 04 August

    Thank you for your kind words, Claudine. We are as big a fan or you as you are of us. 🙂