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Communications professionals seek out TimelyText because they know we are experts at providing interesting employment opportunities, and they also know we offer real support to help ensure their success in every assignment.

Unparalleled support

As a member of the TimelyText family, you’ll enjoy genuine support that is often missing from contract-based assignments. TimelyText fosters open communication, trust, and a proactive approach to employment relationships that helps associates feel part of a team, whether they work on-site at a client company or remotely from a home office. Regardless of the form or shape of your contract assignment, TimelyText works as your partner to help you achieve success on the job.

Our “two-customer philosophy”

What’s a “two-customer philosophy”? It means we treat both our clients and associates as customers. We not only select the right skillset; we also ensure the job fits our associate’s goals and personality. Then, once they’re on the job, we provide a unique level of behind-the-scenes support. Our associates know they can quickly get meaningful support directly from TimelyText. Whether they have a problem with MS Word, FrameMaker, Captivate or Articulate, or simply want to brainstorm approaches to challenges they face on the job, they get expert advice. What clients get from the “two-customer philosophy” is motivated, competent, well-supported TimelyText personnel who deliver results.