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How a Specialty Staffing Agency Can Help You Land a Position During the Toughest of Times

Covid-19 is causing layoffs, uncertainty, and disruption. Yet, here at TimelyText, Technical Writers and Instructional Designers are still in demand. Many of our clients are implementing either temporary or permanent remote work. That means communications and training professionals are needed to help smooth the transition.

You may not have considered contracting in the past because of your need for salary and benefits. During this pandemic and in the recession that will likely last into the foreseeable future, contracting is an alternative that can be conducive to your lifestyle and lead to opportunities that otherwise would be unavailable to you. At the very least, contracting can be a great way to keep earning while you continue to look for that coveted new staff position. It can even allow you to “double-dip” while you collect severance pay from a layoff.

The Need for Communications and Training Contractors

 A contracting role can offer a wide array of opportunities to earn money, break into a new industry, or get your foot in the door with that company you’ve dreamed of working with. TimelyText has existing relationships with many major companies in the Triangle and beyond. Some have short term roles and need more hands-on-deck, while others are business as usual and have long-term opportunities. Some have contract-to-hire options, allowing you to “try on” the position before deciding to convert your status to regular staff employee with the client. Or you may prefer short-term project assignments, which enable you to experience a  variety of corporate environments and work types.

Building a Freelance Career or Side-gig

The way TimelyText’s contract employees become part of the TimelyText family sets us apart. We believe in building a real, long-term relationship with you. This allows us to consider your skills and your personal and professional goals when considering you for a role working with our customers. For us, success is achieved when the project or placement results in a true win-win-win for you, TimelyText, and our client. Sometimes it’s just nice to know the company you are working for cares, especially during times like these.

TimelyText and Your Search for the Perfect Job

While some TimelyText consultants have worked with us for years, we don’t necessarily advise “placing all your (employment) bets with TimelyText”. However, with our broad network of contacts here in central NC, and deep domain knowledge of your chosen profession, we are a valuable component of your freelancing or job search strategy. We are a supplement to your own search efforts for roles that may not be on your radar as we have access to unpublicized opportunities.

We wish you the best in your search. Whether you are in need of short-term work to fill a gap or are interested in long-term roles, please submit your resume for consideration. We’ll be happy to review your background and credentials in-depth and brief you on the opportunities we have (currently or on the horizon) that fit your goals. 

Stay safe and be well!

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