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Join Mir Garvy, Owner and Founder of Job Market Solutions as she talks with TimelyText CEO Ronnie Duncan about the challenges facing hiring managers in a post-COVID19 remote working world.

Right now companies are fighting fires and trying to deliver remote training via webinar, which isn’t always the most effective way to engage learners. Ronnie predicts a big shift in the workplace to interactive eLearning, simulations, and gamification in order to train employees effectively.

Communications professionals like writers and instructional designers can help by doing more than just re purposing their training. They need to design effective communications and training for their employees using innovative methods of elearning. In today’s challenging environment, it is especially important to be mindful that digital marketing writers will be critical in communicating with clients when face-to-face events (such as trade shows) are not happening and corporate communication specialists can help to keep your employees invested in the company and engaged with their contributions to it.

The need for experienced communications professionals growing. If you are a hiring manager interested in short-term, long-term or permanent placement in the writing or training field, submit your resume through the TimelyText website today.

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