5 Years and Still Rockin’!

TimelyText would like to congratulate and recognize our very own Kai Heath for her 5 years of dedicated service.  Kai is a key member of the TimelyText team serving as our Resource Strategist.

TimelyText owner, Ronnie Duncan, recalls hiring Kai back in 2012, “I remember that I hired Kai and within a week after starting she was out on maternity leave.  Her daughter Solei showed up earlier than expected.”  Duncan went on to praise Kai’s contributions noting that in her role she has developed great relationships with TimelyText candidates and employees past and present.

Reflecting on her time here at TimelyText and what she enjoys about her role, Kai stated, “I enjoy the variety of interfacing with new people.  Not only that, but having a purposeful and sincere dialogue that will hopefully lead to the next step in their career, while meeting both their personal and professional goals.”

I can attest that working with Kai has been a real joy.  She is always positive and she truly cares about her coworkers and her clients.  Congratulations my friend…keep on rockin’!


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